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Someone Posted My Picture or Photograph on Their Website

Copyright lawyers deal with these types of issues all the time. A prospective client calls indicating that their photograph is showing up on someone else’s website. Sometimes, the photograph is one that the client does not want being shown on the internet, such as pornography or a nude photo. Sometimes, the person who is posting […]

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Where Lawyers and the Internet Meet: You Need a Technology Lawyer Who Understands the Internet

The internet is a very complicated place. There are web hosting companies, affiliate marketers. There are e-commerce agreements, clickwrap agreements. There’s social media defamation. There is any number of issues surrounding the DNS system, the Domain Name Server system. There’s ICANN which is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. There’s the registration of […]

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Actions for Victims of Defamation

Well, Matt, the first steps that we normally recommend is to have the victim of internet defamation provide us with the defamatory posts and their explanations why they believe the posting is defamatory.  So, the first thing that we do is to identify all of the postings that are at issue.  And then, with the […]

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