Enrico Schaefer

Legal Services:

Enrico is a seasoned trial attorney practicing complex litigation, AI, Web3, blockchain, internet, social media, domain, copyright, and trademark law globally. Enrico has first-chair trial experience in various litigation matters, including class action litigation, mass arbitration, internet, domain law, cybersquatting actions, intellectual property, non-competes, commercial and commercial and fiduciary litigation, Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) and IP licensing. He has represented some of the largest companies in the world in litigation, AI, blockchain, crypto, NFT, Web2 domain name, Web3 domain name, trademark, copyright, and related matters. He is a frequent author and presenter on protecting business interests in a global Internet economy. Enrico represents companies and business interests worldwide, including over 23 different countries.

AI Consulting Services:

Enrico is a seasoned consultant specializing in guiding companies, including law firms, in effectively integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their organizational frameworks. With a comprehensive range of consulting services, Enrico assists clients in harnessing the power of AI while ensuring ethical and responsible implementation. Enrico’s extensive service offerings encompass a broad spectrum of AI-related aspects, tailored to meet each client’s unique needs and goals. These services include:

  1. Strategic Planning: Enrico collaborates closely with organizations to develop customized AI strategies aligned with their business objectives. By analyzing current processes and identifying potential areas for AI integration, Enrico helps clients formulate a roadmap for successful AI adoption.
  2. Acceptable Use Policy Implementation: Understanding the importance of maintaining ethical AI practices, Enrico assists in crafting comprehensive and transparent acceptable use policies for employees. These policies establish guidelines for responsible AI usage, addressing potential biases, privacy concerns, and legal considerations.
  3. Identification of AI Tools: With in-depth knowledge of the AI landscape, Enrico supports clients in identifying and evaluating the most suitable AI tools and technologies for their specific requirements. Enrico ensures the selection of robust and effective AI solutions by assessing factors such as functionality, compatibility, and scalability.
  4. Employee Training: Enrico recognizes the significance of equipping employees and staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to embrace AI systems effectively. Through tailored training programs, Enrico facilitates comprehensive understanding, and seamless integration, and empowers personnel to leverage AI technologies efficiently.
  5. Data Privacy and Security: Enrico prioritizes protecting sensitive data throughout the AI implementation process. By incorporating privacy and security considerations from the outset, Enrico helps clients develop robust frameworks for data management, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and safeguarding against potential risks.
  6. Ongoing Strategic Planning: Enrico’s involvement extends beyond initial implementation, as he actively engages with clients in ongoing strategic planning. By monitoring AI performance, identifying areas for improvement, and staying abreast of emerging AI trends, Enrico assists organizations in maintaining a competitive edge and adapting their AI strategies over time.

Enrico’s consulting services embody a holistic approach that enables organizations to unlock the full potential of AI while mitigating associated risks. By leveraging Enrico’s expertise, companies can navigate the complexities of AI implementation, fostering innovation, efficiency, and ethical practices within their organizations.

Authorship & Speaking Engagements:

Enrico is a seasoned consultant in AI integration and an accomplished author and thought leader in emerging technologies. He is currently writing a groundbreaking book titled “Surviving the AI Apocalypse,” which delves into the profound implications of AI for legal practice and provides practical guidance on navigating the evolving landscape.  Drawing on his extensive experience and forward-thinking mindset, Enrico actively prepares organizations for the future of legal practice by anticipating the disruptive potential of emerging technologies. He understands the transformative power of artificial intelligence and blockchain, two areas that are revolutionizing industries worldwide.

As a frequent and highly sought-after speaker, Enrico shares his expertise and insights on technology-related issues, specifically focusing on artificial intelligence and blockchain. Through captivating presentations and engaging discussions, Enrico educates audiences on the transformative impact of these technologies and provides invaluable guidance on harnessing their potential.  With his visionary perspective, Enrico addresses key topics surrounding artificial intelligence, including its ethical implications, legal considerations, and the changing role of legal professionals in an AI-driven world.  He explores how blockchain technology revolutionizes data security, transparency, and trust in various sectors, enabling new possibilities and disrupting traditional business models.

Enrico’s author, speaker, and consultant expertise places him at the forefront of the technological revolution, empowering organizations to embrace innovation while navigating potential challenges. His insights are invaluable for individuals and companies seeking to stay ahead of the curve, adapt to evolving technologies, and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.  Embracing a future-oriented mindset, Enrico remains dedicated to helping organizations thrive in the age of AI and blockchain. Enrico inspires and guides legal professionals and businesses in pursuing technological excellence and sustainable success through his multifaceted contributions, including consulting, writing, and speaking engagements.

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Membership & Affiliations

  • compTIA, global tech trade association, Unmanned AdvisoryCouncil Chairperson (2018-present)
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI), compTIA Representative – Data security standards for unmanned vehicles.  (2019-present)
  • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), WHOIS Committee Member. (2016-2018)
  • Michigan State Bar, admitted January 1990
  • Detroit Bar Association, since 1991
  • Defense Research Institute (DRI), 1990-93
  • American Trial Lawyers Association
  • Michigan Trial Lawyers Association
  • Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Antrim Bar Association
  • Intellectual Property Section, MSB
  • ConnecTech GT, President
  • Linked ICANN
  • IP Lawyers Group
  • Domainers Group


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Enrico Schaefer


Extensive experience in internet-based technologies, including client/server software, data security, and data transmission. Enrico enjoys backcountry camping, hiking, jogging, and reading.

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Employment history

  • Employment history
    Traverse Legal, PLC.
    January 2005 – present (15 Years), Founding Attorney.

    Law firm focused on global protection of business interests, mass tort litigation, and class actions. Specializing in drone and UAS law, internet law, intellectual property issues, domain disputes, complex litigation, technology company representation, and general counsel services, using technology to connect to clients located throughout the world

  • Partner, Smith & Johnson, PC
    January 2000 – December 2004.

    Lead litigation counsel.  Business and internet law, first-amendment and defamation, commercial transactions, non-compete contracts, trade secret theft, and commercial matters.

  • Founder, EPLF, PC, Bingham Farms
    May 1995 – 2000.

    Business, commercial and intellectual property representation and litigation. Firm was founded specifically to pursue the case Overlooked Opinions, Inc. v. TransNational Communications, Inc. in the Federal District Court for the District of Massachusetts. Case involved breach of contract, unfair trade practices, intellectual property rights violations, FCC regulatory issues, insurance coverage disputes, and UCC Article 9 security and collection issues. Also handled a variety of commercial and transactional work for telecommunications clients, including loans, financing, and vendor-supplier contracts. The jury returned a $2.4 million dollar verdict in favor of Enrico’s client.

  • President and General Counsel, All-One Intranet, Inc.
    Boulder, CO, January 1992 – 1995.

    Internet technology company located in Boulder, CO. Provided representation and managed outside counsel in a variety of corporate, finance ,and commercial contract issues, including: corporate structure; venture capital financing; reseller and strategic partner contracts; merger strategies and vendor relations.

  • Litigation Attorney, Jaques Admiralty Law Firm
    Detroit, MI, October 1989 – June 1992.

    Admiralty & maritime law firm focusing on complex toxic tort litigation and mass tort class action on behalf of merchant mariners. Toxins included asbestos and benzene. Front-line involvement with mass tort class action proceedings, federal MDL litigation, bankruptcy proceeding against insolvent ship owners and insurance (P&I) coverage disputes.


  • Michigan State University College of Law, Summa Cum Laude (Rank 1 / 96) – January 1990
    Boulder, CO, October 1996 – June 1998.
    Numerous academic awards and scholarships.

    Recipient, American Jurisprudence Awards: Contracts, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Corporations, Evidence, Estates and Trusts; and Research Writing and Advocacy. Managing Editor, Detroit College of Law Review, 1989.
    Author: Case Note Publication, “Barring the Tort Claims of Fire Fighters and Police Officers,” Detroit College of Law Review, Issue 3, Summer 1988.

  • Albion College, B.A. Political Science – January 1986
  • A Note About Enrico Schaefer Negative Reviews & Fraudulent Complaints:

    Mr. Schaefer regularly takes on hackers and other bad actors on the internet. Sometimes, these hackers threaten to post false reviews and other negative information about Enrico or Traverse Legal in response to Enrico Schaefer’s advocacy on behalf of clients.  These negative and fraudulent complaints and reviews are obvious to most people. However, if you have any questions about a negative comments, fraudulent reviews, complaints, scam posting or other misinformation you find online, feel free to ask Mr. Schaefer directly. Mr. Schaefer is not easily intimidated by the threats and bad actors on the internet, and is willing to go to battle for his clients regardless of  personal consequences.