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Companies that host their software solution and offer customers access to a hosted software solution are typically not licensing their software; they offer a service and access to use their software platform. A SaaS software agreement is a services contract, not a license agreement. A SaaS agreement is fundamentally different than a software license agreement.

Most Common Questions By SaaS Technology Businesses

Our lawyers publish articles addressing the most common questions about software as service contracts and other issues facing SaaS businesses. Here are some common issues, with many others on our blog in the SaaS category.

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  5. How Can Your Saas Attorneys Help My SaaS Business?

SaaS Services offered by Our Attorneys

  • Service Agreements:  We draft SaaS agreements across various service offerings for our clients.
  • SaaS Business Model Development:  We help companies develop service models and hosted solutions.
  • SaaS Subscription Enforcement:  When customers exceed the scope of use or share logins to avoid subscription fees, we can help.
  • Reseller and White Label SaaS Solutions: Many SaaS developers offer reseller and white label solutions. These relationships require special contracts, including SaaS Reseller Agreements,  Licensing of software for hosted solutions by third parties.
  • SaaS Developer Agreements:  Anyone contributing code to your platform must have a work-for-hire agreement, an invention and IP assignment agreement, and other terms.
  • SaaS Agreement Litigation: Sometimes, you will have to litigate issues surrounding SaaS development, reseller, and subscriber issues. Our litigation attorneys understand the nuances of SaaS businesses and handle complex litigation nationwide and globally for clients like you.

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