Attorneys Handling Legal Elements of Defamation

Defamation On Google Local Results

Matt:  Hi, and welcome back to Defamation Law Radio.  My name’s Matt Plessner, and today’s subject targets business owners and managers.  Google is a great place to get reviews. Good reviews can get a business a lot of great success, though bad reviews can be harmful or even fatal to a businesses reputation. How far is a person allowed to go with a bad […]

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Defamation Per Quod vs. Defamation Per Se

Defamation is the general idea under the law that one may be held liable for the publication of a false statement of fact. Under the law of most states, defamation is separated into two separate types. The first is what’s called defamation per quod and the second is what’s called defamation per se.

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Michigan Defamation Law: MCL 600.2911 – Libel or Slander

As a defamation attorney practicing across the United States, with lawyers and offices in Michigan, we handle a large number of Michigan libel and slander cases. If you plan on filing a lawsuit for defamation, you will need an experienced local attorney licensed to practice in the state in which you plan to file a lawsuit.

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A Defamation of Character Claim Requires a False Statement of Fact

Welcome to Defamation Law Radio. Internet defamation of character is as easy to perpetuate as a blog post, Facebook update, rating submission, or a forum comment.  Your online reputation is measured by the websites return as Google search results.  Do you know what people are saying and writing about you? Has someone posted a defamatory […]

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