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Wise Words from a Copyright Infringement Lawyer “Strict Liability” is a term used to describe legal liability in which a Plaintiff does not have to prove a Defendant’s fault, but simply show that their rights were infringed. Copyright infringement is strict liability, which means you remain liable for copyright infringement even though you did not […]

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Recently, one of our copyright infringement lawyers received a call from an individual indicating that their copyrighted work had been infringed.  My first thought is that Traverse Legal can easily assist with a Copyright Infringement Notice Letter or DMCA Take Down Notice.  That is, however, until they tell me that they found out about the infringement […]

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So you have registered your copyright with the United States Copyright Office, which gives you robust protection and the option for more sizable damages in the event of infringement.  But what if your registered copyright is being infringed in another country?  As there is technically no such thing as an “international copyright” (copyrights are only […]

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Traverse Copyright Law has represented multiple defendants sued by Choudhury Bikram and the Bikram Yoga College alleging copyright infringement. Bikram Yoga has sued other studios over the years for offering Hot Yoga variations of the Bikram Yoga Method. In 2012, the United States Copyright Office issued a letter indicating that the previously issued copyright to […]

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Copyright infringement is the copying of the creative works of authorship of another that results in the violation of the rights secured to that author under federal law. These rights, guaranteed by § 106 of the act, consist of the right to reproduce, to prepare derivative works, to distribute copies, to perform publicly, to display […]

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