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Can You Appeal an Adverse UDRP Decision?

The Uniform Domain Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) is an administrative process developed by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Named and Numbers (“ICANN“) to facilitate disputes related to the registration of generic top-level domains (“gTLDs”).  Through third-parties such as the FORUM and/or the World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO“), a Complainant may file an UDRP Complaint against […]

Read More Review Site: Are they running a Scam?

We have received complaints about the website which purports to run online reviews.  The website itself contains no information about  who runs or any owner or operator identifying information.  The owner uses pope as the email address for contact. While some reviews look legitimate, others, such as featured reviews, look suspicious. Is […]

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Protecting Your Brand From Online Merchandise Infringement

[Detroit, MI].   In this episode of Tech Law Radio, Online Brand Protection Attorney Mallory King talks about why policing online merchandise infringement of your brand is important and provides insight into ways you can both prevent and remove such infringement. (Keep reading for a FREE list of online monitoring tools to help protect your goods) […]

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How to prove defamation of character on the internet

Looking for resources on how to prove defamation of character, libel and defamation on the internet?  We have you covered. Actual Damages, Presumed Damages and Defamation Claims What is Defamation? What is Defamation, Libel and Slander? I am the victim of online defamation. What do I do? Internet Defamation in Online Reviews Removing Defamation from […]

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Social Media Influencer

Social Media & Influencer Contracts: What Every Influencer & Brand Needs to Know.

Are you a social media influencer or brand looking to hire a social media influencer?  Whether you are an Instagram, twitter or youtube or other social media influencer – or a company hiring an influencer to promote or endorse your brand – you are going to need a influencer agreement to set forth license, payment […]

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CPG attorney

Growing your CPG Company: Legal tips your consumer goods company needs to succeed.

Highlights of this Tech Law Podcast from CPG attorney Lorrie Orton Heath: CPG means a lot of different things to different people. For just the initial sort of definition of it, CPG stands for consumer packaged goods. And I would suggest here that it’s important to also tie this in not only with a good business […]

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gdpr privacy compliance

Understanding GDPR and its Opportunities – Inventory Your Data Assets

 [unedited transcript] Welcome to Traverse Legal Radio.  The Tech Lawyer Podcast.  A show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, CEOs and founders navigate legal issues, grow revenue and increase their valuation.  This podcast is sponsored by the IP and Litigation Attorneys at Traverse Legal PLC.  Visit to learn how Traverse Legal attorneys are changing the […]

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Does Your Proprietary Software Contain Open Source ‘Copyleft’ Code?

[Detroit, MI]  In this episode of Tech Law Radio, Open Source Licensing Attorney Russel Gelvin talks about the importance of doing a software source code audit.  If your proprietary code contains open source code, you may be violating a copyleft license if you do not allow distribution for free Interview Highlights: Every single piece of software […]

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Consumer Packaged Goods and Trademark Law

Consumer Packaged Goods (“CPG”) are products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost, including food and beverages; beauty and personal care; and household products. Products within the CPG category are often defined by their marketing and “brand” presence, with the ultimate goal of creating strong brand equity. Brands necessarily start with a […]

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Influencer Attorney Insights: Social Media Advertising Presents Legal Issues for Influencers, Advertisers and Managers

Legal Issues Facing Brand Owners and Influencers Whether you are a social media influencer, an advertiser looking to hire a social media star to sponsor or advertise your brand, agencies representing influencers or a software platform provider helping measure social media and influencer success, you need a technology attorney who understands the unique issues presented […]

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