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Amtrak Train Crash May have Been Caused by Excessive Speed

Traverse Legal’s litigation attorney team is investigating the cause of the Amtrak passenger train which derailed 13 of its 14 cars off both sides of an overpass and onto rush hour traffic below.  The accident killed three people and injuring more than 100 others.  It has been reported that the train may have been going […]

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Founders’ Friday: Five litigation tips every business owner needs to know.

Complex litigation attorney Enrico Schaefer shares five (5) tips for company founders and business owners.  Watch the video below. How to document your litigation strategy by identifying and prioritizing specific goals. Litigation is a five lane highway. Don’t let your trial attorney drift from shoulder to shoulder, billing hours and wasting time.  Pick a lane […]

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Four Thoughts Before Bringing a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Once you have determined that your trademark is likely being infringed, there are a few different enforcement options you can pursue.  A cease and desist letter is typically the most cost-effective option, but particularly egregious instances of trademark infringement can often call for initiating a lawsuit.  Before you decide to jump in to trademark infringement […]

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