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Technology law is constantly changing as new breakthroughs are introduced. This fast-paced industry means that any corporate technology lawyer must keep up with new trends and how the law affects those who use them. Without such a legal expert on your side, you may find that you have, or you company has, violated a law of which you were not even aware.

Our team of experienced digital technology lawyers is here to help you fully understand how the law applies to your website, social media profiles, apps, and any other area of technology that you plan on using to reach out to or collect information from your customers. Without a tech lawyer, it’s easy to find yourself facing legal and financial liability, class action and lawsuit threats, temporary (or permanent) bans on your website or social media sites, and other harsh penalties.


A technology lawyer has focused their practice in several key areas that pertain to how technology impacts businesses and users of technology, especially those in areas such as SaaS law, online offerings, including social media and influencing, and related areas. Information technology law can be quite complex, and a general attorney is not likely to have the specialized knowledge needed to take on these cases.

A tech lawyer typically understands how internet law coincides with various other areas of the law. For example, a tech lawyer must understand intellectual property, including copyright law, data and privacy, laws as they apply to online advertising and sales, interstate and international issues and much more.

Working with someone who is familiar with these areas of the law and how technology affects them can save you a large amount of time and money. An IP lawyer with knowledge of online copyright, intellectual property, and the DMCA will be able to give you advice. Your company needs a lawyer who is well-versed in online law in order to mitigate against a number of issues.


Our team of intellectual property and technology law experts can assist you or your company in a wide number of areas. We can advise you on writing content for your website, negotiate licensing agreements, review SaaS contracts, and handle technology patents, copyright infringement cases, and technology licensing disputes. Let our experts in technology licensing, patients, and intellectual property ensure you are legally protected online and offline.


Legal Counsel for Tech Contracts and Agreements:

  • Website Agreements, such as…
    • Terms of Use (“TOU”)
    • Terms of Service (“TOS”)
    • Terms and Conditions (“T&C”)
    • Privacy Policy
    • Copyright Policy
    • Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”)
    • Community Guidelines and Disclaimers
  • End User License Agreements (“EULAs”)
    • Including Mobile Apps made available on iTunes and Google Play
  • Developer and Development Agreements (Software Development and App Development)
  • Software Licenses and Agreements
  • Affiliate Agreements
  • Reseller Agreements
  • Sponsorship Agreements
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreements

Legal Counsel for Online Presence, Branding and Marketing

  • Brand Representation
  • Domain Name Disputes
  • Web Development and Content Disputes
  • Advertising and Marketing Review, Audit and Compliance Clearance
  • Digital Marketing Agreements for services like Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) and Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”)
  • E-mail Marketing and Spam Compliance
  • Contest and Sweepstakes Rules and Terms & Conditions
  • E-Commerce and Online Transaction Guidance
  • Content Licensing Agreements
  • Product Claim Support and Substantiation Audits (Comparative Claims Review)

Legal Counsel For Data Security Issues

    • Website Risk Assessments
    • Data Security Breach Notification Plans
    • Data Security Policy Drafting and Compliance
    • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) Representation
    • US-EU Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield Certification
    • General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) Compliance


A technology attorney is an attorney that understands the laws, be it state or federal, that apply to new and existing technologies. This may be IP, data privacy, or publicity rights laws. This may also be legal issues facing such technology developments as software as a service subscriptions, VR/AR, NFTs, smart contracts and digital currencies. If it touches computers, software, online communications, e-commerce or the Internet, technology lawyers likely are involved.

A tech law matter may range from intellectual property rights and licensing of digital content to dispute resolution involving a particular technology.

Like most patents, it is important to first understand whether the technology is patentable and whether use of it could subject you or your company to claims of patent infringement. From there, a patent attorney can advise regarding the ever-changing landscape pertaining to software patents.

Website agreements typically include a Terms of Service or Terms of Use, a Privacy Policy, and potentially other agreements like a Copyright Policy. These agreements govern the relationship between the company, typically the website owner, and its users and/or customers.

An End-User License Agreement provides rights from the software, app or website owner to its users. Besides the license grant, it contains numerous provisions related to such things as terms and conditions of use, representations and warranties, indemnification and dispute resolution.

Self-help legal is sometimes a necessity for a start-up or individual. There are many providers of templates. However, if it is an important agreement, a technology attorney can help identify issues that are not addressed in the template and customize for your specific needs.

Data compliance is a loaded term, and to be truly compliant requires an understanding of the existing and applicable laws as it relates to your data collection, storage, use, sharing and other practices. A technology lawyer can help identify which law applies, what compliance means, and provide solutions in hopes of mitigating against third party claims for non-compliance.

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