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Autonomous Technology Representation

Why Choose a Traverse Legal Attorney?

  • Traverse Legal’s autonomous technology attorneys have the expertise to help you protect your business, your patents, trademarks and copyrights.
  • We provide corporate, business law, intellectual property and general counsel services.
  • We have autonomous technology attorneys that can help your UAV business grow through relationships, funding and revenue.

Services Offered

  • Autonomous vehicle technology representation.
  • UAV and drone technology representation.
  • Data privacy, compliance and risk mitigation.
  • Custom Contract Drafting
  • Complex Litigation

Frequently Asked Questions

Given the complexity of autonomous technology, it is wise to enlist the guidance of a attorney who understands sponsors, automation hardware, and software. Our Attorneys can provide assistance regarding a wide array of  issues so that your company can get flying safely and successfully.

Autonomy technology is tech that can function without being told what to do.  It is technology that has no person in the cockpit, is being operating remotely, and is often self-navigating

Autonomy technology is being developed across numerous industries including UAV, automobiles, aquatics, and other markets.

Autonomous vehicles are here, and they’re here to stay. AI is a major focus for autonomous-vehicle testing and development, and the vehicles are applying AI to expand the capabilities of autonomous vehicles.  Deep learning  based on data aggregation and algorithms which predict what happens next will be a key development as mobility market grows.

Traverse Legal’s Attorneys are globally recognized for their experience and results in the legal areas of: Complex Litigation, Internet, Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Cybersquatting, Drone, Defamation, Trade Secret, Non-Compete, and Business Law.

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