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Our NFT and blockchain lawyers and staff have represented technology and software companies for 30 years. We understand blockchain technology, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and business models related to cryptocurrency. Our attorneys regularly advise on emerging issues related to blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and crypto, including issues relating to intellectual property, website agreements,  contracts, business, data privacy, and related issues, including both related to software and hardware. We can assist in most aspects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, including legal and regulatory issues related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (including Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, and others), as well as NFT marketplaces.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer With Expertise in Blockchain, NFT, or Crypto Technology?

A lawyer that understands the law is great. An attorney and law firm that understands the technology underlying blockchain, crypto, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is better. We are a team of lawyers, paralegals, and staff who provide a wide range of expertise for early-stage, growth, and mature companies in the blockchain space.  Our team acts as outside general counsel to a wide range of blockchain, crypto, and NFT projects who require business, corporate, trademark, copyright, litigation, and other legal issues.  We have experience in representing companies and individuals in connection with all of their legal needs relative to the blockchain, NFTs, and crypto, including:

  • Business formation. We can assist you with registering your business entity (LLC, C-corp, S-Corp) and also advise on its structure and governance considerations, whether you are a blockchain or NFT marketplace, individual investor, and other types of business.NFT Lawyer Enrico Schaefer
  • Are you Launching Your Own NFT Project or Drop?  If you want to sell or mint NFTs, you need to understand both trademark and copyright law. You need to get your contractor, employee, and founder contracts nailed down tight.  Your website agreements, terms of service, privacy agreement, and marketing language should be reviewed by an NFT lawyer.  Yur NFT drop needs a sales or license agreement so that the NFT buyer knows what they are getting with their digital asset.  Our NFT lawyers can help you design an NFT project so that your valuable IP is protected, your community is protected and your overall risk of liability in the future is reduced.
  • NFT, token and Crypto fraud, scams, and rug pulls. Traverse Legal’s blockchain lawyers are handling litigation against fraudsters who engage in illegal and unethical behavior in their NFT or token offerings.  The number of scams, unfair business practices, and consumer fraud will only get worse before it gets better. Litigation around NFTs and crypto is only just beginning. See some examples of NFT litigation here.
  • Contract drafting. Our lawyers can review, draft, advise, and negotiate any necessary agreement from sales transactions to marketplace terms and conditions. Whether for sports memorabilia, art, or something else, contracts will govern many of the transactions related to these technologies relying upon the blockchain database or smart contracts.
  • NFT Digital Asset Licensing: You are purchasing the NFT but licensing the digital assets attached to the NFT sale. NFT buyers and sellers need to know what they are selling and buying on NFT marketplaces.
  • Intellectual property protection. Our blockchain attorneys are skilled in all areas of intellectual property law, including copyright, trademark infringement issues, threat letters, and trademark registration. We can assist you with filing, prosecuting, defending, monitoring, enforcing, and assigning your intellectual property assets. Ownership, along with the chain of title, is just as important in these technologies as with tangible property.
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution. The Traverse Legal firm has vast experience in mediation, arbitration, and litigation. In the event of a dispute over ownership, a transaction went poorly, or otherwise, we can help navigate and try to favorably resolve any such dispute.
  • NFT Marketplace Website Agreements:  Your Terms of use, Terms of Service, Privacy Agreements, and Copyright Policies are your primary protection for everyone who uses your platform. We draft NFT-specific website terms for companies like you.

Traverse Legal’s NFT lawyers Already Represent Web3 Companies Like Yours

The blockchain legal team at Traverse Legal is here to advise you and help you understand the legal issues you may face based on its experience and a proven track record in helping technology companies like yours find success.

  • Do a trademark availability search for your project name. If there is something similar that already exists, you could get shut down, lose your domain name, and have to shut down your NFT store.
  • Register your project name as a trademark as soon as you determine the name is available.
  • Obtain a work for hire agreement with all artists involved in creating the digital image for your NFT project. Make sure your company actually owns the copyright to the images associated with your NFT.
  • Draft a copyright licensing agreement for your NFT project as part of your roadmap. You need to understand your licensing model before you launch, and typically as part of your initial business plan.
  • Make sure your project offering won’t be considered a security by the SEC. there are a number of factors that will impact the issue of whether your NFT is considered a security.
  • Determine how you will permanently communicate copyright rights to your NFT buyers, through the platform, one your website, or on the interplanetary file system.

Why is there so much confusion about NFT ownership? Much of the news media discussing ownership can be as confusing and misleading as the NFT offering. Do you only NFT? Yes. Due to the digital asset linked to the NFT? That depends on the contract with the project owner that originally minted the NFT. Look to the terms of service, information on the platform, and other sources of information to see what your NFT purchase contract says.

Most purchasers of Bored Apes and other NFTs think they own the copyright to the image; that they own the Bored Ape. Unfortunately, these early NFT drops were fatally flawed by poorly drafted, or non-existent, sale contract language. Yes, you own the NFToken (smart-contract). It is less clear what your rights are in the copyrighted image that is the Bored Ape. In this episode, we go through the Bored Ape sale contract (aka Terms of Use) line by line to see what was really sold, and what was not. If you are a Bored Ape owner, considering buying a Bored Ape or putting together your own NFT drop, you need to watch this video until the end. We promise you will be surprised by what you learn.

NFTs and the decentralized, immutable blockchain technology which makes intelligent contracts possible are all over the news. What does it all mean? You are wondering whether to buy the hype or ignore it. Will you be left behind if you don’t dive in now? The answer, my friends, is found in HISTORY. Yes, look to history to understand the future. The biggest companies in the world, Wallstreet, and the US government already understand what you had better understand. NFTs are the future. The internet, smartphones, cloud services, social media. The press and the public widely panned all of these new technologies as fads and frauds. Yes, the pundits predicted the demise of the internet! When laughing about fart NTFs with business associates, remember there was a time when websites were considered unnecessary for businesses. And putting your credit card number into the internet was bat shit crazy. This question … THE question? Should you, your brand, and your company invest in NFT knowledge and technology? The answer to anyone who has studied emerging tech for the last 30 years is…. YES! NOW! Don’t hesitate! NFTs, blockchain and smart contracts are happening all around you. Get off your assets. Dismount your legally high horse. Find utility in humility. Acknowledge the digitally enhanced perfect nose on your avatar face!

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