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Now that you are familiarized with Privacy Policy Fundamentals, it is time to consider some of the common clauses and terminology that are located within the Terms of Use.  The Terms of Use Agreement (aka: Terms of Service; Terms and Conditions) lays out the rules that website Users must follow when accessing the site, selects […]

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Matt: Hi, it’s Matt Plessner, and welcome to another installment of Internet Law Radio. Today’s topic is privacy policy. We’re going to talk about what this means and its importance as well. And to guide us, we’re speaking today with internet attorney Brian Hall from the Traverse Legal office of Traverse City, MI. Brian thanks again for […]

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One of the most often-overlooked website agreements is the privacy policy or privacy agreement posted on your website.  Your privacy policy is incredibly important.  A privacy policy lawyer knows how to gather the information from you in order to determine what particular provisions need to go in your privacy policy.  You cannot cut and paste […]

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You have a website that generates a lot of business and goodwill with your website visitors. But you need website agreements to identify the terms that your website is being offered to consumers on. A website agreement template, either a template for a terms of use, terms of service or privacy agreement, a good way […]

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As a website attorney who specializes in a variety of different internet and website related issues, I think the most overlooked item for most companies is their privacy policy. A privacy policy agreement needs to contain certain essential items in order to provide you maximum protection and comply with the law. Unlike your terms of […]

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You need a website agreement that is going to capture the essence of your business model. Many companies – when they’re looking for these initial website agreements, especially when they’re start-ups – go to the Internet and look for a website agreement form or to a website that offers a variety of website forms on […]

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terms of service

Terms of service  (TOS) or terms of use (TOU) website agreement are very important as it is the contract betwen you and your website visitors. It’s perhaps one of the most overlooked items for start-up companies and small businesses. As well as large businesses who have a website which becomes a primary portal for their […]

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