Attorneys Handling Conducting a Trademark Availability Search

Branding: Top 5 Legal Considerations for Trademark Rebranding

If you are a newer company, you may think about rebranding as your company’s offerings change.  For example, you have now pivoted away from being focused on a particular niche good or service and your company name is now too limiting.  Alternatively, the service mark or trademark you originally used does not seem to resonate […]

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How to Perform a Trademark Search and Obtain a Trademark Availability Opinion

MARK TRADEMAN, TMIN NEWS ANCHOR: Hello, everyone, and welcome to a special edition of “Trademan’s Trademark Talkback.” Where you ask the questions you want and we give you the answers you need. Thanks for all your e-mails, texts, video chats, and everything else you send in; keep ’em coming. We’ll try and take more throughout […]

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How to Correctly File a Trademark Registration

MARK TRADEMAN, TMIN NEWS ANCHOR: Refusals. Delays. Loss of time and money. Usually leading to the death of a trademark application. That’s the report we’re getting from the Trademark Office at this hour. If you fail to search for conflicting marks before filing, improperly fill out the application, or fail to submit the proper supporting […]

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Why Trademark Availability Assessments Make Sense

Welcome to Trademark Law Radio, a top web resource on issues of trademark infringement, trademark licensing, trademark protection, and trademark registration. This is Brian Hall, a trademark attorney with Traverse Legal, PLC, a law firm representing trademark applicants and owners in the enforcement of their trademark rights and defense of their trademark rights throughout the […]

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