Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property

Internet attorneys handling patent, trademark, servicemark,copyright and intellectual property enforcement cases for clients worldwide. Traverse Legal’s attorneys are recognized for their experience, innovation and client service across a range of IP Law issues. Protecting intangible property in the online world—including brand names, trade secrets, original authorship and innovative ideas—continues to become more challenging.

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Answers to frequently asked questions by intellectual property clients just like you:

Should I Send a Trademark Cease and Desist Letter?

You need to think twice before sending a trademark infringement cease and desist letter. While such a letter can improve and enforce your trademark rights, these letters can sometimes backfire. You need to fully understand your rights and the possible rights of person you believe is infringing. Sometimes sending a threat letter can backfire, causing you to go from offense to defense in a hurry. Our trademark attorneys have you covered. Give us a call today—866.936.7447.

Traverse Legal’s internet attorneys are globally recognized for their experience and results in: Complex Litigation, Technology & Internet Law, Trademark Registration, Trademark Infringement, Copyright Infringement, Patent Infringement,Domain Disputes & Cybersquatting Cases, Online Libel & Internet Defamation, Trade Secret Protection and Non Compete Agreements.
Trusted Patent, Trademark & Copyright Attorneys

Our Internet law firm can help your company, in-house counsel or trusted out-side attorneys navigate the challenging issues presented by our increasingly online and connected world. Our lawyers handle a variety of complex litigation and intellectual property law issues in the following niche areas, including:

  • US Trademark Registration
  • Foreign Trademark Registration
  • Trademark Enforcement & Protection
  • Trademark Infringement Litigation
  • Trademark Infringement Cease and Desist Letters
  • Global Trademark Monitoring
  • Lanham Act Advice & Litigation
  • Patent Infringement, Litigation, Assessment & Prosecution
  • Patent Due Diligence


  • Cybersquatting Monitoring and Defense
  • Google Keyword Trademark Infringement
  • Typo-squatting Monitoring and Defense
  • Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) Arbitration
  • Internet Copyright Monitoring
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
  • DMCA Take Down Notice Drafting & Defense
  • Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act(ACPA)
  • Patent Infringement & Enforcement


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Traverse Legal’s Attorneys are globally recognized for their experience and results in the legal areas of: Complex Litigation, Internet, Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Cybersquatting, Drone, Defamation, Trade Secret, Non-Compete, and Business Law.

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