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Trademark Law

Why Choose a Traverse Legal Trademark Attorney?

Traverse Legal Attorneys are experienced in all facets of trademark law, including trademark registration, trademark infringement, trademark licensing, trademark monetization, and trademark portfolio management.

Trademark assets continue to become more valuable, with many marks in the internet space seeing seven and eight figure valuations.  Companies that take these assets seriously require a team of experienced and qualified trademark attorneys to register, protect, monitor, and enforce trademarks for their company name, brand, logo, domain name, and slogan.

Services Offered

  • Trademark Clearance Searches and Trademark Availability Assessment Opinions
  • Trademark Registration, both in United States and Internationally
  • Prosecution with USPTO, including Response to Office Action
  • Trademark TTAB Appeals
  • Trademark Opposition Proceedings with TTAB
  • Trademark Cancellation Proceedings with TTAB
  • Trademark Assignment, Change of Name, Merger, Conversion and Security Interest Filings
  • Trademark Maintenance Filings
  • Trademark Docketing
  • Trademark Monitoring
  • Trademark Brand Protection
  • Trademark Enforcement, including Trademark Cease and Desist Letters
  • Trademark Demand Responses
  • Trademark Licensing
  • Trademark Litigation, including Infringement


Frequently Asked Questions

All Trademarks are registered through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”).  Trademark registration is important for the strength and growth of your business. Registering your trademark correctly is even more important. Contact a trademark registration attorney to better understand how to trademark a name, logo, slogan, or symbol.

Trademark infringement occurs when the use of a mark by another would create a likelihood of consumer confusion as to the source or origin of goods.   In particular, trademark infringement on the Internet is a serious problem. Sometimes, it takes more than an infringement threat letter to stop third parties from infringing your mark.  If you don’t protect your marks against infringement, who will?

Yes, domain names are often protected as trademarks. Registering a domain name which is confusingly similar to a trademark can get you in big trouble. If you register a domain name with a bad faith intent to profit from a trademark, you could end up paying $100,000 in statutory damages. Whether representing Internet companies, or brick and mortar companies with Internet law issues, our experienced cybersquatting attorneys can help.

Cease and desist letters are more common on trademark infringement issues than practically an other area of law. Whether you need a trademark lawyer to draft a trademark infringement cease and desist letter, or an attorney to respond to a cease and desist letter received by your company, we have you covered. You need more than a form letter, and boilerplate advice. You need real answers and real solutions.

Traverse Legal’s Attorneys are globally recognized for their experience and results in the legal areas of: Complex Litigation, Internet, Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Cybersquatting, Drone, Defamation, Trade Secret, Non-Compete, and Business Law.

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