Attorneys Handling Trademark Cease and Desist Letter Issues

From Trademark Dispute to Peaceful Coexistence

Trademark disputes typically start with a trademark owner sending a cease and desist letter to the user of a mark the trademark owner believes infringes upon its rights.  Those trademark rights may be rooted in common law or based upon a trademark registration with, for example, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Whether […]

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How to Defend Against Trademark Counterfeit

Matt: Hi, and welcome back to Trademark Law Radio.  I’m Matt Plessner. Today we’re going to be discussing trademark counterfeiting, and how to defend yourself against claims of counterfeiting. To help us, we’re speaking again with Brian Hall of the Traverse Legal office of Traverse City, Michigan…Brian, nice to have you back.   Brian: Thanks Matt, it’s good to […]

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Trademark Cease and Desist Letter Forms: The Do’s and Don’ts

Too many companies and too many trademark lawyers simply send out trademark infringement cease and desist letters as a matter of course. They don’t, as good attorneys or good companies, or good stewards of the trademark system, stop and think about who they’re sending the letter to. Sometimes people aren’t intentionally infringing your trademark at […]

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What is the Differences Between a Cease and Desist Notice Letter and Cease and Desist Threat Letter

Welcome to Trademark Law Radio, a top web resource on issues of trademark infringement, trademark licensing, trademark protection, and trademark registration. Welcome to Trademark Law Radio, my name is Trademark Attorney Enrico Schaefer. Today, we’re going to talk about a very important topic and one that is often overlooked by trademark attorneys and their clients […]

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