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The Single Publication Rule and Statute of Limitations in Defamation Cases

The single publication rule in defamation claims is a rule that prevents a cause of action for defamation from accruing with each additional publication, with some qualifications.  The single publication rule prevents the statute of limitations from restarting each time a defamatory article is published and provides that the statute of limitations runs from the […]

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Choice of Law in Non-Compete Agreements

What if the state where my business is located does not favor enforcement of non-compete agreements?  As a business owner interested in obtaining non-compete agreements from key employees you may have options.  Your business may be able to incorporate the application of another state’s laws in interpreting and enforcing your non-compete agreement which is called […]

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Are state anti-SLAPP statutes available in Federal Court?

Previously we had written about the strategy of selecting a forum to file a defamation suit based on whether a given state had an anti-SLAPP statute.   A SLAPP lawsuit is technically a strategic lawsuit against public participation where the Plaintiff ostensibly brings the lawsuit to silence the speaker without a solid basis for a legitimate […]

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Revenge porn victim?

Has someone posted explicit photos of you on the internet without your consent?   You may be the victim of revenge porn. What is revenge porn?   Revenge porn is usually defined as revealing or sexually explicit images or videos of a person posted on the Internet, typically by a former sexual partner, without the consent of […]

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Court Orders Yelp to Remove Defamatory Review As a Non-Party To The Case

The California Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments from a lower court’s decision affirmed by the Court of Appeals to require Yelp to remove defamatory reviews concerning a California attorney.  The case is significant if it is upheld because Yelp was NOT a party to the underlying lawsuit. Dawn Hassell and her firm represented […]

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