Attorneys Handling Trademark Clearinghouse: ICANN

What are Trademark Attorneys Saying about new gTLDs? You are probably away that ICANN is in full swing, entering into contracts with new registry operators on new gTLDs, top-Level domains. Extensions such as .bank, .insurnace, .pink,, .football etc are rolling out by the dozens.  This means new opportunities for cybersquatting under hte ACPA and UDRP […]

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This is a PowerPoint presentation on an overview of the Trademark Clearinghouse presented by Robert Kriner of Corsearch Digital Brand Management Consultants, and Vicky Folens of Deloitte.

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Should I register my trademark in the new ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse? The countdown to a whole new universe of web extensions is underway. From the Summer of 2013, hundreds of new top level domains, or gTLD’s, will begin to appear in the online space, resulting in a whole universe of new domains. But while the […]

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