Attorneys Handling Defending Claims of Internet Defamation

Forum Selection for Your Defamation Suit Considering Anti-SLAPP Laws

We are going to talk a little bit today about forum selection for filing your defamation lawsuit, in consideration of forums with anti-SLAPP laws. Before we discover what anti-SLAPP laws are, let’s discuss the meaning of SLAPP. A SLAPP lawsuit is technically called a strategic lawsuit against public participation. A SLAPP lawsuit is a suit […]

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A Possible Defense Against Defamation Statements

There are some instances whereby libelous statements may be allowed, of course, under certain circumstances. The fair report privilege can be used to defend against a defamation lawsuit.

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How to Defend Allegations of Defamation of Character?

Have you been wrongly accused of defamation of character on the internet?  You need to speak with a internet lawyer before the problem get’s worse.  Often times, you will receive a defamation threat letter demanding that you remove the alleged defamatory statement or the complaining party will have their attorney file a defamation case against […]

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