Attorneys Handling What is Internet Defamation?

Internet Trade Libel or Defamation: Similar Yet Different

We all know someone who has been the subject of internet defamation.  We receive inquiries daily about what can be done to correct a false statement made about someone on the internet.  Increasingly, there a significant number of businesses who are falling victim to internet defamation.  Businesses who are the subject of false and defamatory […]

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So You Think You Can Remain Anonymous?

It is so easy to sit down at your computer, iPad, or smart phone and vent your aggression, anger, or frustration by posting negative or false comments about someone else. In order to protect yourself, you create a special gmail address containing a name that is not in any way related to you. You use […]

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Defamation On Google Local Results

Matt:  Hi, and welcome back to Defamation Law Radio.  My name’s Matt Plessner, and today’s subject targets business owners and managers.  Google is a great place to get reviews. Good reviews can get a business a lot of great success, though bad reviews can be harmful or even fatal to a businesses reputation. How far is a person allowed to go with a bad […]

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Removing Defamation from Facebook and Twitter: Defamation Lawyer Insights

Defamation on Facebook and Twitter:  Defamation on Facebook and Twitter is becoming more and more common every single day because it’s so easy to post a comment or an item onto your Facebook wall or onto your Twitter account. And because emotions run high sometimes, that spontaneous compulsion in you to say something really mean […]

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