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Bill Proposes Copyrights in Small Claims Court

A new Bill has been introduced in Congress to set up a small claims system for processing copyright claims. This small claims alternative would be a substitute to Federal Court litigation for copyright claims which at the moment, aside from sending cease and desist letters and DMCA takedown demands, is the only remedy for copyright […]

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GM May Own Your Vehicle Under Copyright Laws

Do you believe that you own your car? General Motors says that under the current copyright laws, you don’t but they do, and that is because of their proprietary rights with the software code that is used to make their vehicles work.

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Someone Stole My Website Content: Copyright Implications.

The first thing you need to understand when answering the question, “What can I do if someone steals my website content?” is you need to understand that these are copyright infringement issues that are governed by United States Copyright Law. If someone takes your website content and reposts it on their web pages, that can […]

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Copyright Primer: Exclusive Rights to Reproduce, Distribute, Perform or Display the Copyrighted Work

If you are a copyright owner, you can claim ownership of the copyright in a work. A copyright grants the owner the exclusive right to do any of the following; to reproduce the work, to distribute the work, to perform the work, or to display the copyright protected work. A copyright also grants the owner […]

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