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How To Defend Against Trademark Counterfeit Claim

Welcome to Trademark Law Radio, a top web resource on issues of trademark infringement, trademark licensing, trademark protection, and trademark registration. Matt:  Hi, and welcome back to Trademark Law Radio.  I’m Matt Plessner.  Today we’re going to be discussing trademark counterfeiting, and how to defend yourself against claims of trademark counterfeiting.  To help us, we’re […]

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Trademark Infringement on the Internet: What to do?

We get a lot of questions on trademark issues and most of them deal with internet-based trademark infringement or online trademark infringement claims. When someone uses your trademark or service mark on the Internet, you potentially will lose more than just customers. You’ll lose revenue, profits, and have your website traffic diverted to someone else’s […]

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After You Register Your Mark, You Need to Maintain the Mark with the USPTO?

MARK TRADEMAN, TMIN NEWS ANCHOR: Congratulations on the registration of your trademark! You’ve probably invested a lot of time and money into getting this registration, so don’t forget to take the actions necessary to protect your valuable asset. Trademark rights can last forever, but in order to keep your federal trademark registration you must continue […]

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