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Release of New Top Level Domains – Will They Help or Hurt?

Will the new top level domain extension .SUCKS help or hurt businesses? Some believe that this TLD may produce additional opportunities for disgruntled customers or fans and competitors to create controversial and defamatory websites to discredit and harm those targeted.

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Someone Stole My Domain Name from My GoDaddy Account, After Telling Me They Were Going to Steal My Domain Name

Writer Steve Ragan recently wrote an article regarding his invitation to the CEO of Night Lion Security to try to steal his domain. Unfortunately for Steve Ragan, it was successful stolen and the process only took a couple of days.

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Domain Name Valuation Expert

Need a domain name expert who will be qualified by the court. The valuation of a domain name or website can be tricky. Internet Law attorney, Enrico Schaefer, has acted as a domain name valuation expert in numerous matters involving seven and eight figure domain name values.

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