Domain Name Valuation Expert

Domain Name Valuation Expert

Internet Law attorney, Enrico Schaefer, has acted as a domain name valuation expert in numerous matters involving seven and eight figure domain name values, as well as domain name plus website valuations.  In litigation, domain names and websites have value.  Many divorces, asset sales, business liquidations and other commercial transactions require the parties to value domain names and websites as part of the sale and/or litigation process.  expert

The valuation of a domain name or website can be tricky.  Getting a court to accept an expert opinion and an expert report on domain name valuation and website valuation issues is still uncharted territory.  Attorney Enrico Schaefer has been retained and acted as an expert in developing numerous models of valuation depending on the circumstances.  You need a domain name expert who will be qualified by the court.  Very few courts have addressed the requirements and standards for expert opinion on domain name valuation or the value of web traffic.  Variables certainly include whether the domain name is a single-word or double-word variation, the length of the domain name, whether the domain name has trademark rights, prior domain sales which are similar, etc.  When it comes to website traffic, the monetization model and possible continued use are other key variables.  Understanding how to license trademark rights moving forward so that domain name and website traffic can continued to be monetized might also be important.

If you have any questions about hiring an established domain name valuation and website valuation lawyer, feel free to contact Enrico Schaefer at the Traverse Legal law firm.

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