What is the process for obtaining a U.S. Patent?

Obtaining a patent in the U.S. can be a very time-consuming and expensive process that typically involves several steps. Prior to filing a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, it is best to first find out whether your invention has already been patented.

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Defending a Trademark Opposition

You have received a Notice of Opposition of Trademark. A Notice of Trademark Opposition should not automatically lead you to believe that you are not going to get your trademark registered or be able to use it. As experienced Trademark attorneys, we can tell you that the answer typically is “it depends”.

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What is Patent Marking?

Patent marking is the process of adding notices on your products to notify others that these products are either patented or that a patent application has been filed on these products.

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I Want to Patent an Invention. Where Do I Start?

To start a patent, first we begin with an Initial Patent Assessment project to learn about your invention, and advise you on some of the USPTO requirements for patentability, to determine your eligibility for filing a patent application.

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Understanding Trademark Availability

Basic background information on trademark availability frequently asked questions about the process.

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