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Data Breach Class Action: Lawyers Win Lawsuit Against Target

Lawyers in the Target class action lawsuit have recently reached a proposed settlement for the data security breach of Target’s customers during the 2013 holiday season.

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Where Lawyers and the Internet Meet: You Need a Technology Lawyer Who Understands the Internet

The internet is a very complicated place. There are web hosting companies, affiliate marketers. There are e-commerce agreements, clickwrap agreements. There’s social media defamation. There is any number of issues surrounding the DNS system, the Domain Name Server system. There’s ICANN which is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. There’s the registration of […]

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Terms of Service “TOS” Drafting Tips

  A terms of service or terms of use website agreement is very, very important. It’s perhaps one of the most overlooked items for start-up companies and small businesses. As well as large businesses who have a website which becomes a primary portal for their website visitors, as well as an e-commerce portal for them […]

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Website Privacy Policy Contract Drafting Sample

  Many clients want to know whether or not they should use a website agreement forms service, cut and paste their competitors’ website agreement for use on their site or whether they should start from scratch and have their website agreements specifically customized towards their website and the way they conduct business on the internet. […]

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An Internet Lawyer Specializes in Online Legal Issues

Welcome to Internet Law Radio where we discuss the hottest topics in Internet law.  If you are facing an Internet law issue, cyber law complaint, web site or e-commerce issue, we have an Internet lawyer ready to help. Welcome to Internet Law Radio.  My name is Attorney Enrico Schaefer.  I specialize in Internet law issues.  […]

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What is an Internet Lawyer?

A good internet attorney not only understands the law as it applies to cyber-law and the web community as a whole, they also understand technology and the backend systems used to drive it. Most internet lawyers bring strong technological work experience to the table. As the number of internet users, online businesses and social networks […]

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