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What is Defamation? Proving a Defamatory Statement.

Welcome to Defamation Law Radio. Internet defamation of character is as easy to perpetuate as a blog post, Facebook update, rating submission, or a forum comment.  Your online reputation is measured by the websites return as Google search results.  Do you know what people are saying and writing about you? Welcome to Defamation Law Radio.  […]

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How to Defend Allegations of Defamation of Character?

Have you been wrongly accused of defamation of character on the internet?  You need to speak with a internet lawyer before the problem get’s worse.  Often times, you will receive a defamation threat letter demanding that you remove the alleged defamatory statement or the complaining party will have their attorney file a defamation case against […]

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Legal Elements of Defamation, Slander & Libel.

Question:  What are the legal elements which must be proven in a defamation, libel or slander lawsuit? Answer: Defamation can occur in written form (libel) or spoken form (slander). In order for a plaintiff to prove defamation of character for either libel or slander claims, the person defamed must prove the following. A false statement […]

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