Do You Have a Patentable Invention?

Do You Have a Patentable Invention?

You have seen commercials and advertisements offering to assist patenting your idea.  However, contrary to popular belief, ideas, by themselves, cannot be patented.  The idea is the first crucial step toward being able to obtain a patent on an invention.

The two most important questions that inventors must answer prior to filing a patent application are as follows:

(1) Do I have an invention (instead of just an idea)? AND
(2) Can I obtain a patent on my invention?

The patent process really starts well before you actually file a patent application.  The move from an idea into a potentially patentable invention requires that you must be able to describe your invention with enough detail so that someone skilled in your field can understand how to make and use your invention.

Additionally, a patent search is required to determine whether your invention is unique among other inventions.  Though some inventors prefer to do their own preliminary patent searches, having a professional patent search done is highly recommended at an early stage in the patent process so that patentability can be determined before investing your funds in a patent application.

Inventors can make an informed decision about whether a patent can be obtained on their invention only after analyzing a thorough patent search.  Once you have decided to move forward with a patent application, you will need to decide what type of patent application is most appropriate based on a number of factors, such as your patent goals, business goals, and budget.

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