FAA Section 333 Exemption Forms. What every commercial drone operator needs to know.

traverselegal - February 2, 2016 - Autonomous Technology


Are you looking to start your own successful drone business?

You need permission from the FAA in order to fly a drone for business. Obtaining a section 333 drone exemption requires experience. Well there are websites that offer a FAA section 333 form service, the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ applies. Hiring experienced drone attorneys to assist you with your drone business is just the first start. Your some resources which will help you get your commercial drone business off the ground:

FAA Section 333 Drone Exemption Forms:

There are lots of reasons why filling out a form or trying to copy someone else’s FAA Section 333 work product is a really bad idea if you areSerious about making money using drones. Form service companies are not lawyers. They cannot give you legal advice about drone regulations, FAA enforcement actions or contractor drafting. Section 333 consultants are also not lawyers. They cannot provide you any legal advice concerning FAA section 333 exemption regulations or safe drone operation compliance.

Wondering why clients like you chose a real drone law attorney to handle their permission request to the FAA under Section 333?Analysis of FAA Grant of Exemptions by Bard College:  Exemptions granted under 333:

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