Traverse Legal announces its new website, DroneLaw.Pro, focusing on the use of Drones & FAA Regulations

traverselegal - August 12, 2015 - Autonomous Technology, FAA Section 333 Exemption

Traverse Legal, PLC has recently launched its new website The website focuses on conveying essential information regarding FAA Regulations on the operation of drones (UAS/UAV).

DroneLaw.Pro is staffed by the firm’s legal and professional drone experts offering assistance in the filing and compliance of the Section 333 Petition exemptions for the commercial use of UAS/UAV/Drones. The new website offers vast amounts of information regarding Federal and State Drone Laws, filing a Section 333 Petition and other Federal Aviation Administration resources regarding drones.

With the FAA granting Section 333 Petition Exemptions on a strict discretionary basis, DroneLaw.Pro’s objective is to be the leader in legal matters regarding Section 333 Petitions Exemptions and to assist individuals and companies with acquiring a Section 333 Permit, maintaining compliance under the Section 333 Permit and all other FAA regulations for UAS/drones. They understand all legal aspects of the unmanned aircraft systems/drones including the technology, engineering, electrical systems, navigation technology, hardware and software systems of drones and the FAA laws surrounding UAS/UAVs.

The lead attorney, Enrico Schaefer, is working on becoming a licensed UAS pilot and understands the entire spectrum of drones, from the internal mechanical layout to the software it uses to operate, as well as the legal requirements to operate one as determined by the FAA.

For more information about FAA Regulations or Section 333 Exemption filing, visit our new website – www.DroneLaw.Pro

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