Taking Down Defamatory Post on Facebook

traverselegal - March 19, 2015 - Defamation Law

Can you take Down Defamatory Posts on Facebook?

You see or read something on Facebook that is very insulting to you.  Now the question is whether you have the right to request that this defamatory post be taken down.

Facebook has recently updated its Community Standards for posting on its website.  Posts which include nudity, such as fully exposed buttocks and female breast including showing the nipple (unless breastfeeding), revenge porn, hate speech, self-injury, dangerous organizations, bullying, harassment, criminal activity, sexual violence and exploitation, or violence and graphic content are not permitted.

Facebook knows that their policies won’t cover every single type of possible defamation

These updates to the Community Standards should better allow for the removal of posts that are in direct violation of the Facebook standards and policies.  Facebook knows that their policies won’t cover every single type of possible defamation, but hopes that it will create an online community and network which promotes empathy and respect between its users.  They plan to continue to address individual cases when the situation requires them to do so.

If you believe that you have been defamed on Facebook and want further information or if you want to remove defamatory posts from Facebook, contact one of our defamation attorneys specializing in internet slander and libel issues.

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