How to prove defamation of character on the internet

How to prove defamation of character on the internet

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How to prove defamation of character, libel, and defamation on the internet?

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Do you wish to retain one of our defamation attorneys?

We like to be upfront about how we handle defamation matters.  Some people want a ‘free consultation.’  Unfortunately, this is typically a waste of your time, and the attorney’s time.  The devil is in the details when it comes to achieving results in online defamation matters.   No attorney should be giving you ‘off the cuff’ advice.  At minimum, the website, online forum, review site and specific statements need to be reviewed.   Understanding the motivations of the person who posted the information is also important.   In short, our attorneys need to dig into the matter in order to provide legal advice and recommendations.

Two options to engage one of our defamation attorneys.

We have two general options. (1) Sign and retain us as your counsel (note you must be able to pay a minimum $5,000 hourly refundable retainer) or (2) Pay a flat fee of $550 with the deliverables set forth below.

  • Option 1 – RETAIN US AS YOUR ATTORNEYS: Reply to this email indicating you wish to retain us right way. We will provide you a retainer agreement to review ($5,000 minimum). For retainer clients, we are happy to answer any questions you have,, by email or phone, prior to hiring us as your attorneys.
  • Option 2 – REQUEST A 90 MINUTE DEFAMATION ASSESSMENT: Reply to this email indicating you wish a 90-minute assessment of your defamation matter for a flat fee of $550.

Included in this $550 flat-fee are the following deliverables:

  1.  An attorney will spend approximately 45 minutes obtaining from you and reviewing background information provided by you on issues such as: who made the potentially defamatory statement(s); what was stated and why it may be factually true or false; and if online, where it is posted; when it was posted; and if known, why it was posted.
  2.  An attorney will then conduct a ~ thirty (30) minute phone call with you to review the background information you provided, answer any questions you may have and/or discuss the strength of your defamation claim or defenses;

After the call, we will provide you an email with our recommendations concerning possible options moving forward and any additional resource which may be of value to you.

This 90-minute project is limited to the above-defined deliverables. Any additional items will require a separate written agreement and fee.


defamationPlease note there is no guarantee that we will determine your defamation claim has merit and you understand that there may be no recourse for the statements at issue in some circumstances. This project will, however, give you an understanding of the issues surrounding the potential defamation and challenges related thereto should you decide to proceed with Traverse Legal for further services.

If you are unable to afford legal services, we encourage you to review our website for more free information; continue researching your specific problem on Google, Yahoo!, or Bing; or find a friend or family member that can help pay for legal services.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to retain one of our defamation lawyers.


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