Removing Defamatory Reviews from Yelp: One Internet Lawyer’s Perspective

traverselegal - September 30, 2013 - Defamation Law

Removing defamatory or libelous statements from Yelp is always challenging. If you are a business with Yelp reviews, you know how important those reviews and customer comments can be. If one customer posts false statements of fact as part of their Yelp review, that could constitute defamation libel. Because the internet is permanent, that Yelp review, which contains lies or false statements, could cost you money down the line.

Traverse Legal Review / Traverse Legal Complaints / Traverse Legal Scam: Yes, as we go after the bad guys, we often have false reviews posted about us.  Some of the ‘Traverse Legal complaint’ postings are pretty over the top.  We don’t care and wear those false Traverse Legal reviews and Traverse Legal complaints as a badge of honor.

As an internet lawyer specializing in internet defamation issues, we have to understand how various platforms and websites handle defamation and libel by third party customers, patients, clients, and even sometimes competitors who are pretending to be someone else. The good news is that with Yelp, a user can change or modify their review. This gives you the possibility of having that review, which contains defamatory statements, edited. It is critical that you understand that the very first communication that you have with the person that posted the review will be Exhibit A in any legal proceeding. We always recommend you allow a defamation lawyer who specializes in internet issues, and especially removal of reviews from Yelp, to send that first communication. Once a customer, patient, or client gets it in their head that “they are right”, changing their mind becomes incredibly difficult. You want the first threat letter or communication to hit the mark.

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