I am the victim of online defamation. What do I do?

traverselegal - November 3, 2013 - Defamation Law

Online defamation is serious business. If you are the victim of online defamation, you need to understand your options and make sure your first step is the right one. There are lots of ways to approach this problem. As an internet defamation attorney, I am rarely able to tell a prospective client what they should do out of the gate. You have to dig into the matter and find all of the little details. These details include such items as:

  • Where is the information posted? Is it on social media, Facebook, Twitter, third party blog, or the person’s own website?
  • Who is the person who posted the false libelous statements about you on the internet? Is it someone that you know or someone who is anonymous?
  • How will the person react if you send them a threat letter? Are they likely to scale up and post more negative content harming your reputation, or back off?
  • If the information is posted on a review site like GooglePlaces, Yelp, or one of the doctor rating forums, does that forum allow the person who posted the negative review to edit or delete it? Many websites take control of your content the minute you post it. You cannot log on and change anything. Other websites such as Yelp allow the user to edit or delete their content. This can make a big difference.
  • How much money do you have to spend in legal fees in order to resolve the matter?
  • How much is the online defamation costing you in terms of real money? If people are avoiding your business as a result of the review then you are losing money today.

You need to contact a internet defamation attorney in order to know what move is the right one.

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