How to Defend Allegations of Defamation of Character?

traverselegal - November 1, 2011 - Defamation Law, Defending Claims of Internet Defamation

Have you been wrongly accused of defamation of character on the internet?  You need to speak with a internet lawyer before the problem get’s worse.  Often times, you will receive a defamation threat letter demanding that you remove the alleged defamatory statement or the complaining party will have their attorney file a defamation case against you.  If you are a web hosting company or web site owner who has been provided notice of defamation, or a violation of your Terms of Service (TOS),  you need to understand your potential liability and immunity under Section 230 of The Communications Decency Act (CDA). If you receive notice from an ISP or web host that a subpoena has been issued to identify you as the author of an alleged false statement, you may not have much time to hire a defamation defense attorney and quash the subpoena.

If someone files a defamation of character lawsuit against you, you need legal representation fast. Often times, your attorney will have between 21 and 30 days to analyze the matter and file an Answer to the Complaint.   Some defenses include: truth, first amendment, privilege, immunity, statement of opinion, laches, statute of limitations, failure to state a claim and numerous other defenses which could apply to your case.

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