Performing an Assessment, Considering Options, and Documenting a Strategy is Smart

Mallory King - October 11, 2019 - Internet Law


At Traverse Legal, we recommend that virtually every legal matter start with an assessment and strategy project.  Our team of legal professionals believes that lawyers should be accountable to a documented and informed strategy as the very first project.  We want to understand the relevant facts and your goals before making recommendations and implementing a well thought-out plan. We understand that going ‘cheap’ (i.e. “just send a boilerplate threat letter”; “I only need a simple contract”) can actually increase your overall legal fees, and sometimes harm you in ways you never anticipated.

What is legal assessment and strategy project?

A Traverse Legal Assessment and Strategy project typically has five basic components: (1) obtain background information, (2) interview you concerning your goals and budget, (3) identify key legal issues, (4) educate you on your risks, opportunities and options, and (5) provide you with our recommendation on which option best meets your unique goals within your budget.    Getting it right out of the gate can dramatically reduce your total legal spending, lower your risks, and enhance your chance of success. We have performed scores of assessments and documented thousands of strategies for clients just like you on matters just like yours.

Assessments can be beneficial for a wide range of issues such as:

Beware attorneys who are willing to ‘jump’ first, without looking over the edge.

The old adage ‘look before you leap’ holds true when it comes to legal services.   Many law firms down-play the importance of legal assessments and may retain a client without understanding the full merits of a legal issue or case.  This can lead to frustration for a client who may confuse quick action with competence.   While there is never a guarantee that things will work out legally in favor of a client (despite any attorneys’ best efforts), legal assessments can help identify potential pitfalls in a legal claim before you respond, threaten action, or file something you might later regret.  Our team of legal professionals understand that ‘cheap’ work product, boilerplate documents, and legal forms can actually increase your legal fees and expose you to issues you may not have contemplated.

Implement a phased approach.

You may ask – and we have been asked many times before – why would I pay for an “assessment” when I want to pay for action? We absolutely get it, your time and money are valuable.  We want nothing more than to be able to take action for you, but we want to make sure we are doing so responsibly.    So, when we recommend an assessment and strategy, consider it as a positive thing.  Know we are not looking to waste your money, but rather enhance the value of your legal services. Our attorneys always remind clients that “one fact can change everything.” If your attorney does not have all the relevant facts (which may not realize are important, and may not share with the attorney), you may find yourself jumping off a cliff and into a much larger problem.

The benefits of an ‘assessment and strategy project.’

In sum, legal assessments are beneficial because they:

  1. Can save you time;
  2. Can save you money;
  3. Help you understand the merits and risks of your legal claim; and
  4. Provide foundational research and analysis for future projects.

Trust us.  You never want to leap before you look.  Our attorneys have worked with thousands of clients and thousands of projects.  Starting your legal matter with an assessment project is your best and most cost-effective approach. Learn more about how Traverse Legal is ‘changing the way law is practiced.’

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