Another Possible Class-Action Lawsuit Against Google?

traverselegal - May 12, 2014 - Internet Law

Google seems to be in the media quite a bit.  Primarily for all the good things that they have done as an employer and for the advancements with regards to the internet.  However, there has been some less flattering news for Google with all the class-action lawsuits against them.  The current issue that seems to be heading for a possible class-action lawsuit is in regards to a former employee claiming that Google committed fraud towards their AdSense publisher clients.  The former employee unanimously stated that he and other employees, over several years, were told to refuse payments to those publishers that had large payments owed to them under the AdSense publishers program.  The former employee goes on to state that the reason for them to refuse payment to AdSense publishers was because  “AdSense itself hands out too many checks each month to publishers, and that the checks were too large…”.

Other lawsuit filed against Google over the past several years.  Some of these include a nationwide antitrust class-action lawsuit alleging that Google monopolized the American market of internet and mobile search, a workers class action lawsuit for suppression of pay of employees, and a class-action lawsuit regarding unauthorized in-app purchases by minors.

Class-action and other complex lawsuits are a serious matter.  Having trusted and experienced attorneys to represent you, no matter which side you are on in a class-action lawsuit, is crucially important.  If you have questions or need more information regarding a class-action lawsuit or complex litigation issue, contract Traverse Legal for more information.

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