Protecting Against Trademark Infringement on New gTLDs

traverselegal - July 7, 2014 - Cybersquatting Law

Donuts, Inc. has now released many new gTLDs of the several hundred for which they have applied, and cybersquatters around the globe have wasted no time in snatching up domains related to well-known consumer brands. Some worry that with the new gTLDs come new opportunites for cybersquatters to extort trademark owners.

Although Donuts offers a Domain Protected Marks List (DPML) which allows trademark owners to block the use of their names across all domains administered by Donuts, they also offer a cheaper alternative through their Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URSS). For a small fee, trademark owners can file a complaint to potentially remove a  cybersquatter from their name within 24 hours.

Even with these methods to combat cybersquatting, it can still be very costly to remove potential squatters. Removal costs can add up very quickly when considering the number of brands a potential trademark owner may have multiplied by the number of domains being squatted upon for each brand.

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