Legislation Pending Regarding Non-Compete Agreements

traverselegal - July 19, 2013 - Noncompete Law

The governor of Connecticut recently vetoed an amendment to the Connecticut Non-Compete law that would have provided employees with a seven day review period prior to signing a non-compete in the event of a sale or merger of a company. Michigan has a proposed bill that would require employers to provide a non-compete prior to the commencement of employment. Why has there been an increase in proposed bills that would limit an employer’s ability to obtain a non-compete?

It seems that in this time, where unemployment is high and mobility in jobs is favored, the public sentiment, as well as court sentiment, is moving toward more employee freedom concerning job options. One of the risks in providing an employee a non-compete outside the bounds of your state’s restrictions can be the invalidation of the non-compete agreement. Finding a non-compete agreement on the internet, or simply borrowing one from another company will often not satisfy the legal requirements for a valid non-compete agreement.

When you need to draft a non-compete agreement that will withstand the legal requirements as well as judicial scrutiny, it is important to have a qualified non-compete lawyer draft your agreement. The attorneys at Traverse Legal are experienced non-compete lawyers, and can provide you with a valid non-compete that meets your state’s requirements. Contact an experienced non-compete attorney at Traverse Legal to discuss your proposed non-compete agreement.

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