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Traverse Legal’s SaaS attorneys have been representing software, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and related companies for almost thirty years.  We are a software law firm with software attorneys that understand the complex legal issues in software development and licensing.  Whether our attorneys are drafting software as a service (SaaS) agreements; negotiating software licensing; advising on software contracts; protecting software and technology patents; navigating the intersection between software and internet law; or representing parties in software related litigation, Traverse Legal is the place for all of your software company’s legal needs.

Why Do I Need a SaaS Lawyer?

We have experience in representing software companies in connection with all of their legal needs, including:

  • Business formation.  We can assist you with registering your business entity and also advise on its structure and governance.  Need to raise some capital? Interested in a merger or acquisition? We got you covered there, as well.  Our software attorneys can help your company with:
    • Business entity formation.  Whether you are looking to form a corporation, create a limited liability company (“LLC”), or establish non-profit organization, Traverse Legal knows how to register your business entity in all fifty states.
    • Operating Agreements and Corporate Bylaws.  Whether you need an Operating Agreement or Corporate Bylaws depends upon the type of business entity that you create. Both documents will cover the internal governance and operation of your business.
  • Contract drafting. From straightforward website agreements to complicated SaaS Agreements, our team is equipped to review, draft, advise, and negotiate any software related contract.  Our SaaS contract attorneys specialize in internet law and software licensing, ensuring that all your contractual needs are covered so you can worry about building your business, rather than crossing all the “t’s” and dotting the “i’s.”  Traverse Legal’s attorneys can assist your companies with:
    • SaaS Subscription Agreements.  Companies offering either a Software as a Service or Platform as a Service (“PaaS”) need an Agreement to solidify the relationship with its customer. We can help advise regarding the key issues involved and draw upon our experience having represented both providers and customers.
    • Software Licensing Contracts. The scope of any software license is as important to a company’s current and future success as any other matter. Our software licensing attorneys can not only educate about the options, but also make recommendations based upon experience in the market.
    • Terms of Service Agreements.  Also known as “Terms of Use,” or “Terms and Conditions.”  This Agreement is entered in between your software company and the users of your website.  Traverse Legal’s internet law attorneys have drafted countless Terms of Service Agreements for a wide variety of software related companies.
    • End User Licensed Agreements. Aka: “EULAs.”  End User License Agreements are akin to a website’s terms of use, but specifically geared toward your software company’s mobile application.  All mobile applications in the Apple App Store must have a EULA and include certain language required by Apple.
    • Privacy Policies. With data privacy protection laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) on the rise, it is important that your software company has a privacy policy in place for customers to access so that they may exercise their privacy rights.
    • Sales/Vendor Contracts.  Does your software company have a sales department that is regularly signing up new customers or a development team constantly seeking new vendors to work with your software offering?  If so, having easy-to-use sales and vendor contracts drafted by software attorneys can help ensure that your growth process goes smoothly.
    • Contract review. While Traverse Legal’s attorneys are skilled in contract drafting, we are also able to review your software company’s preexisting contracts to provide you with feedback and suggestions on the same.  If you would prefer not to “reinvent the wheel,” we can help you ensure that your current contracts are legally sound.
  • Intellectual property protection. Our software attorneys are skilled in all areas of intellectual property law, including copyright, trademark, and patent.  We can assist you with filing, defending, monitoring, enforcing, and assigning your intellectual property assets. These types of services include:
    • Trademark Application. Whether the trademark should be related to online, downloadable or cloud-based software, our trademark attorneys can help navigate the United States and Patent and Trademark (“USPTO”) and other governing body trademark offices with respect to any software product or related service.
    • Copyright Registration. Our copyright attorneys can help advise regarding whether to pursue copyright registration and the considerations relates related to the same, including as it relates to open source software.
    • Patent Application. Our software patent attorneys can help determine patentability, navigate claims of infringement and advise in furtherance of ensuring freedom to operate.
  • Dispute resolution.  The Traverse Legal team has vast experience with software related mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Whether we are representing software companies, software developers or other interested parties, we know the issues and have successfully navigated to our clients’ desired outcomes before.
Traverse Legal Has Helped Other Software Companies Like Yours

The team at Traverse Legal is here to advise you and help you understand the legal issues you may face. Our SaaS and software development attorneys have the experience, and a proven track record with helping technology companies like yours find success with their legal issues – here are just a few examples:

  • We represented a software development company in a lawsuit filed by their customer seeking over $2 million in damages for breach of contract, fraud, and misrepresentation. The case was filed in New York State Court. We successfully won a motion to dismiss under an arbitration provision.  The case was settled with no money being paid by our client and a full release.
  • We have represented one of the largest open source software companies in the world as outside general counsel since 2008, across a vast variety of issues.  We have assisted this company with online brand protection; global trademark portfolio management; trademark enforcement; partner certification agreements; software contract litigation; reseller agreements; patent infringement defense litigation; and a variety of other issues.
  • We represent one of the largest website hosting companies in the word across a range of outside general counsel issues including domain name cybersquatting enforcement; DMCA agent services; trademark protection; Section 230 immunity; and other issues.
  • We regularly represent both software and SaaS companies as outside general counsel and assist with all aspects related to the commercial contracts with customers, vendors and others in order to allow such companies to focus on their business.

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