UDRP Attorney Update: Should you flee or fight a UDRP complaint?

A large number of UDRP complaints are never responded to by the respondent.  As  a UDRP attorney specializing in both complaints and responses to Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy arbitration proceedings, I see it all the time.  Some respondents don’t participate because they don’t want to spend the money on a UDRP lawyer to go through the process of filing a response.  These clients think it’s too complicated to respond to the UDRP themselves.  Other people simply don’t want to take  the time to do the paperwork themselves.  After all, they may have only spent $30 or $40 on domain registration fees.

The analysis of whether to fight or flee UDRP complaint is one that often centers around the value of the domain.  If the domain is worth thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars, you need to do an analysis to see whether or not you will in fact win.  If you registered the domain name specifically to target a trademark and divert traffic, any UDRP attorney will tell you you’re probably going to lose.  If you registered the domain without intent to divert traffic or infringe a trademark, you may have a good chance of winning the UDRP response and getting a favorable UDRP ruling.

You can go to websites like EstiBot in order to do a domain valuation.  And a good domain name attorney will help you understand whether or not it makes sense to fight the UDRP complaint.

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