Why Hire An Experienced Cybersquatting Attorney For Your Case?

When you are selecting an attorney to represent you on any matter, it is important that you hire an attorney who specializes in the issue that you are facing. Cyber squatting is a very specialized cause of action. Sometimes, a general practitioner will try and convince that they are able to handle a UDRP or ACPA matter. That same attorney might convince you that they can handle a cybersquatting case because they have trademark infringement experience. As an attorney who specializes in cybersquatting law, I am contacted all the time why clients previous lawyer provided them really bad advice. Sometimes, an inexperienced lawyer will advise their client to send a threat letter to someone they believe it is engaging in trademark infringement with regard to a domain name. Lawyers love threat letters. But a good lawyer will analyze your particular situation before making a move. The best cyber squatting lawyers will do a full analysis of your particular situation before making a recommendation about whether you should move forward, and if so what options meet your particular client goals the best.

As an experienced cybersquatting attorney, I talked to clients all the time whose prior attorneys recommended course of action which made a bad situation much worse. Practicing Internet law at a high level requires that the attorney do much more than simply jump through hoops or send boilerplate letters. An experienced cyber squatting lawyer understands how domain disputes work and have handled issues just like yours, including cybersquatting cases and litigation, on many previous occasions. The key to good legal representation is strategy. When it comes to cybersquatting and domain disputes, there are a number of possible approaches and legal strategies which can be pursued whether or not you are an offense or defense. Picking the right strategy is the most important decision that you will make in your case. Beware the attorney who fails to give you a number of options in dealing with a cyber squatting claim or cyber squatting defense. This is a sure sign that the attorney is simply jumping through hoops and generating attorneys fees rather than focusing in on client goals and analyzing potential results. Contact a cybersquatting lawyer today for more information.

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