I Want My Domain Name Back! Recovering From Domain Name Theft.

traverselegal - December 18, 2013 - Cybersquatting Law


Stolen domain names and domain theft are all too common. Sometimes, the person who seals a domain name has access to the registrants account with the register. A former employee, partner, SEO company or website developer is often the person ‘stealing’ your domain name. Now that they control the registrants account, they essentially control the domain name.

What our cybersquatting law attorneys typically see is a falling out between parties. Once a dispute arises, the person who controls the domain names starts using that as leverage for some other purpose. Domain name theft can take a variety of different forms. But the end result is the same. Your website is held hostage by someone who does not own the trade mark or the domain name itself.

Stolen Domain Name: What to do Next

There are a variety of different techniques our domain name attorneys use in order to get a domain name returned. The domain

Stolen domain name. domain theft. hijacked domain name.

name theft needs to be dealt with quickly and directly. If you have trademark rights in the words which comprise the domain name, you have leverage. If you have a trademark registration for your trademark, you get even more leverage. The first thing that you need to do though is make sure that you address all the various options for securing your domain name before launching the first strike.

Key Questions Your Domain Name Attorney Should Ask

  1. Who stole your domain name?
  2. Who has trademark rights in your domain name?
  3.  How is your domain name being used by the person who took your domain name?
  4. What is the thief asking in return for your domain name?
  5. How much money do you have in your legal budget to spend on getting you domain name back?

The answers to these questions are important ones for your attorney to ask, and for you as the client to be ready to answer.  The devil is always in the details when it comes to domain hijacking, domain theft and cybersquatting.  A good lawyer knows what questions to ask and how to work within client budgets to obtain results.

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