The Importance of Industry Standards to the Drone Market

Enrico Schaefer - March 2, 2018 - Autonomous Technology, Industry Standards for UAV


As drone services market continues to evolve, market success stories are becoming more common. The number of drone pilots complying with the Part 107 regulations, including waivers and authorizations, increases every day. Professional grade drone contracts, UAV Operating Manuals and websites which give customers confidence are important assets being leveraged by the industry. Professionalism within the drone industry continues to become the standard.

Currently, there is no consensus on industry standards beyond compliance with the Part 107 regulations.
But sUAS industry standards are coming, just like such standards eventually take hold in virtually every new and emerging industry. Industry standards will help the drone services market grow and achieve service and copyright license pricing which reflects the value of the drone services provided. In this episode of Drone Law Pro radio, we discussed the importance of industry standards for unmanned aerial vehicles.

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