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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Airbnb

Enrico Schaefer - October 14, 2020 - Airbnb Refund Claims, Complex Litigation


Is there a class-action lawsuit filed against Airbnb? As many of you know, we have been filing AAA arbitration cases against Airbnb on behalf of Airbnb hosts for COVID-19 refund issues which violated the agreed cancellation policies between the hosts and their guests. We have been asked by many hosts about filing a class-action lawsuit against Airbnb, and have been retained by hosts to pursue a class action case in California, where Airbnb and Airbnb Payments are located.

What about the Arbitration & Class Action Waiver Clauses?

While there is a class action waiver clause in the Airbnb Terms, we have gathered evidence to support the argument that Airbnb terms are unlawful under California Law. A class action is being prepared against Airbnb based on the following arguments:

  • The class action waiver clause in the Terms of Service and Payment Terms is invalid and unenforceable.
  • Class plaintiffs’ are seeking declaratory and injunctive relief that can only be pursued in court on a class action basis.
  • Airbnb has ‘waived’ the class action waiver clause in its Terms.
  • Airbnb’s dispute resolution and mandatory arbitration clauses do not apply to the claims being pursued.

Should I still file an arbitration case against Airbnb?

Yes, you should still file an arbitration case against Airbnb. Typically, class action cases give you the option to ‘opt-out’ – essentially, to decide whether you wish to be part of the arbitration case or the class action case. There are many reasons to file for arbitration, and pursue arbitration, while the class action is going through the courts. You can contact our Airbnb class action and Airbnb arbitration attorneys here to learn more.

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