We Have Analyzed And Are Representing The Legal Rights of Airbnb Hosts

Coronavirus / covid-19 Airbnb cancellations and refunds were provided by Airbnb to travelers on reservations despite the cancellation policies selected by hosts and agreed to by guests.

Traverse Legal’s Attorneys Are Representing Airbnb Hosts

Why is Airbnb Not Following its Own Terms of Service?

We are Filing Arbitration Claims Against Airbnb On Behalf of Hosts:

  • We are filing arbitrations agasint Airbnb for hosts, co-hosts, property managers and platform integrators.
  • Advice on Your Legal Rights under the Airbnb Terms of Service and Extenuating Circumstances Policy
  • Understanding the 25% Refund Promised by Airbnb to Hosts for guests who booked reservations between the dates March 14th and May 31st.
  • Our lawyers Can Advise you on Whether Airbnb Breached the Rental Terms You Selected for Reservations.
  • Our attorneys can Analyze Your Damages Against Airbnb for Unilaterally Allowing Cancellations and Providing Refunds.
  • Analyze your Rights to be Part of a Class Action Against Airbnb, despite the Terms of Use which Purport to Preclude Class Actions.
  • What Are Your Rights to File Arbitration Claims Against Airbnb for its Implementation of the Extenuating Circumstances Policy
  • We Represent Hosts and Super-Hosts on all Legal Issues related to Airbnb.

Do you want to know what your options are as a host who lost reservations  as a result of Airbnb allowing cancellations without consulting hosts, or following the extenuating circumstances policy that was in effect at the time of the traveler reservations. Read the FAQs below to stay up to speed.  And use this contact form to be apprised of new development.

We are filing consumer arbitration claims with American Arbitration Association on behalf of Airbnb hosts. Learn about your legal claims and rights in this video.

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