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Terms of Use Agreement, Privacy PolicyWhat you need to know about Website Agreements: A good website agreement lawyer specializing in online litigation issues will tell you that website agreements define the relationship between you—the website owner—and your users. Commonly referred to as a “Terms of use” (TOS) or “Terms of Service” (TOS) agreement, Privacy Policy or disclaimer, these key website  agreements are critical for both you and your web site visitors. Let one of our website agreement lawyers make sure you get it right before there’s a problem.
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Terms of Use AgreementWhy Can’t I Just Use a Form Terms of Use Agreement? By using of a “form” terms of use or terms of service agreement, or copying one from another website, you’re not only opening yourself up to a potential copyright infringement lawsuit—you’re also risking your own line of defense should a legal issue arise down the road. A good Internet TOS lawyer can help you customize your Terms of Service (TOS) agreement. These web site contracts are the agreements between you, your visitors and customers.
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What Defines Internet LawWhat is an Internet law related matter? In simple terms, Internet law—also known as cyberlaw—encompasses legal matters relative to the Internet, software and technology. There is also crossover into more traditional areas of practice such as trademark law, copyright infringement, patent law and defamation, as these types of matters gain relativity to the Internet space with the ever-increasing connectivity of today’s society. An experienced Internet lawyer understands software, technology and the Internet, and the online laws that govern them.
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Internet AttorneyWhat is an Internet Attorney? An Internet lawyer understands how legal issues arising on the Internet are handled by the web community at large, courts and in litigation. An Internet attorney understands the technology behind the web, and how to find information such as domain portfolios, anonymous posters of content, web site developers who have disappeared with a stolen domain name and a variety of other cyber-law issues. From cybersquatting, a stolen domain name to Internet defamation, our law firm can help.
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Internet Attorney Don’t Use a Website Agreement Form:  Some businesses want to cut and paste a competitor’s website agreement as their own.  Other businesses look for a website agreement form or website agreement template for their terms of use, privacy statement or copyright policy.  A website agreement attorney will tell you this is a bad idea.  Your website contracts need to be tailored to your specific business model.
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