Getting your iOS App in the Apple App Store

Getting your iOS App in the Apple App Store

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So you’ve developed a great iOS application which can be downloaded through Apple’s App Store by cell phone users — specifically those who use the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or iPad mini. Now the question is: how do you get that application approved by Apple in order to get it into the App Store?

The Apple Store
The Apple Store

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There are a number of variables here: you should work with an App Store attorney[link to one of our main pages in first full paragraph on good keywords:  Complex Litigation, Internet Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Infringement, Patent Law, Cybersquatting Law, Internet Defamation, Trade Secret Law, Non-Compete Law] specializing in internet law issues in order to make sure you get your application qualified to be listed in the Apple App Store. You need to comply with a variety of Apple’s requirements in order to get into the store.

Some of the basics include: the requirement that your end-user license agreement (EULA) contain a number of provisions, which essentially protect Apple from any liability for your app. if you want to be an application developer and sell your app — or give it away for free — you need to protect Apple. A good EULA attorney can make sure that your Terms of Service and privacy agreement comply with Apple’s current requirements.

You also want to protect yourself and your company from any liability as a result of a user downloading your app from the App Store. Your EULA and privacy agreement will control the relationship between you and the people who download the app, use your app, or otherwise interact with your app through their iPhone. You need to pay special attention to these agreements so that you and your company are fully protected from liability, and that you spell out the mandatory terms of privacy. Your privacy agreement, relevant to your app, will tell people what personal identifiable information you are collecting from them, how you are using it, and who you are sharing it with.

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  • [note this is an internal link]  Unwinding the Apple App Store EULA:  A internet attorney can help you get into the Apple App Store with appropriate EULA, privacy terms and other compliance issues.

If you’re looking to get your app approved in the Apple App Store, feel free to contact one of our internet law specialists. Our attorneys have a proven track record of getting apps approved and in compliance with Apple’s mandatory requirements.  You can contact one of our EULA and Apple App store attorneys for more information.

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