I Want to Patent an Invention. Where Do I Start?

I Want to Patent an Invention. Where Do I Start?

At Traverse Legal, PLC we seek to provide strategic patenting advice in a cost effective manner.  For this reason, we begin with an Initial Patent Assessment project to learn about your invention, and advise you on some of the USPTO requirements for patentability, to determine your eligibility for filing a patent application.  We have created this up front project because we believe that it is important for you to get this advice before diving into prior art related patentability projects or a patent application.  Our Initial Patent Assessment is a flat fee project that includes an “on sale bar” analysis, inventorship analysis and a small entity check.  We will advise you on different types of patent applications and patent searching options, and recommend a patenting strategy based upon your business goals for your new technology.  The end result is knowing whether you may file for patent protection, if there are deadlines by which you must file for patent protection (or else your potential patent rights are gone), and a specific plan and budget for moving forward.

If your invention is a software or Internet [or biotech] related invention, we also recommend a Section 101 Abstract Idea consultation, so that you may learn about recent developments in patent law that significantly impact patentability in this area.  This data should be considered by you in deciding whether to move forward with seeking patent protection for your software or e-commerce related technology.

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