Internet Defamation Law

What is Defamation?

In general terms, defamation is defined as a false and unprivileged statement that is clearly damaging to someone’s reputation and published “with fault,” meaning as a result of negligence or malice. Specific state laws often define defamation in specific ways. Slander, for example, is seen as spoken defamation whereas Libel, on the other hand, is written defamation. Only a proper Libel Lawyer worth his salt should handle your case for the best outcome.

Why Choose a Traverse Legal Internet Defamation Attorney?

• Internet defamation runs rampant in today’s highly networked web space. If you’ve been the victim of online slander—personally or in business—our Internet defamation attorneys want you to know that you DO have options.
• It’s extremely important in today’s connected society to protect and maintain your online reputation—don’t let a single defamatory comment turn potential clients away.
• Our Internet Defamation lawyers have proven experience handling online defamation cases of all scales.

Services Offered

• Online Defamation Assessment and Removal*
• Social Media Defamation Assessment and Removal*
• Libel or Slander Review and Assessment with Libel Lawyer
• Anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) Motions
• Defamation Litigation
• Section 230 of Communications Decency Act Analysis
• Revenge Porn Representation

*Removal is never guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

Why ImportantWhy Is Online Reputation Protection and Management Important?
Internet defamation is such a hard-hitting form of slander simply because its effects are so far-reaching—anyone who has access to a computer and the internet could stumble upon the defamatory comments(s) made against you and, according to statistics, 78% of the American population is now connected. Combined with the fact that more people are taking product and service reviews into consideration prior to making purchases or hiring service providers gives you more than a justified reason to maintain your good name. Whether online defamation occurs against your business or yourself personally, taking steps to remove or deflect the online slander are time and resources well spent.
Contact AttorneyAs a Victim of Internet Defamation, When Should I Contact an Attorney?
If you plan to take action, the answer is as soon as possible. There is a statute of limitation on defamation claims, which is one year in most states. It is also important that you keep records of said defamatory comments, as screen captures are a good start and can assist Traverse Legal’s Internet Defamation Attorney’s in assessing your case.
Identifying Anonymous PosterIs It Possible to Identify the Anonymous Poster Behind Defamatory Content?
There are a number of factors involved in determining whether or not the identity of the anonymous defamer can be tracked down. For example, was the defamatory comment posted directly in a blog post or website article, or was it posted as a comment to an article, in a forum, or other user-generated content sites? If a third-party is involved and the internet defamation takes place anonymously, a lawsuit may be required to trace the identity of the defamatory poster in order to issue a subpoena to the website host for IP identification.

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