Unjustified Removal or Suspension From Airbnb or VRBO

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Airbnb and VRBO Are Suspending & Removing Hosts from The Platform Based on False, Contrived, or Erroneous Claims that the Host Breached the Terms of Service.  If Your Hosting Account Has Been Deleted or Suspended from Airbnb or VRBO’s Platform Without Cause, Our Short-Term Rental Lawyers Can Help.

Has Your Hosting Account Been Suspended or Removed from Airbnb or VRBO Without Justification? Airbnb customer support in coordination with the “Trust and Safety” team at Airbnb has been increasingly aggressive about hosting account removals and suspensions.  Unfortunately, Airbnb rarely provides any justification for its termination, removal, or suspension decision.  In many instances, Airbnb wrongly throws hosts off the platform, without any investigation or inquiry.  In some instances, Airbnb or VRBO acknowledge their mistake and allow a host to get their account reinstated. But too often, these vacation rental platforms simply make decisions without telling the host why they are being removed or conducting any investigation.  Too often, Airbnb and VRBO get it wrong.  In the meantime, these STR platforms cancel all your rental contracts with your guests and leave you without the rental income from canceled bookings. Below is a list of  reasons Airbnb is telling hosts they are being suspended or removed:

  • Unspecified complaints by guests, some of which are unjustified or extortion attempts.
  • Alleged violations of Airbnb’s anti-discrimination policies.
  • Alleged violations of Host-Gauanrtee claims for damages caused by guests.
  • Alleged violations of Airbnb’s policies related to undisclosed surveillance cameras or cameras in private areas of the home.
  • Too many host-guarantee claims.
  • Multiple hosting or guest accounts on the Airbnb platform.
  • Association with listings that had previously been banned or removed (sometimes by prior owners of the property).
  • Association with co-hosts or guests who have prior criminal records, or were previously removed from the platform.
  • House parties.
  • Alleged Violation of VRBO’s or Airbnb’s Terms of Service or Policies.
  • Providing false receipts for Host Guarantee claims.
  • Generalized and unsubstantiated complaints from Guests.

If you have been suspended, terminated, or removed from Airbnb or VRBO, we might be able to help. Contact one of our vacation rental lawyers to learn more.

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